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The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society is now online, at least from calendar years 1995-2003. I've found two sites that give access to it. I believe this site is the official one. Articles are in separate PDF files, and each issue's book reviews are all compliled into one PDF. FindArticles also gives access to articles and book reviews from the journal, in this case from December 1997 through September 2004. They list each book review separately, though they don't list the author of the book, just the author of the article, which is a little frustrating. Update: They also have Trinity Journal.

As I was looking through the lists of articles and book reviews, two pieces stood out as worth highlighting for those interested in the issues they raise. One is D.A. Carson's 1997 paper "Reflections on salvation and justification in the New Testament", which analyzes the strains of thought in Catholic and Protestant views on justification and salvation in the light of the developments around that time that brought Catholicism to accept Luther as never having endorsed the view they had declared heretical. In the aftermath of all that, it became pretty clear to me that Protestants and Catholics have largely misunderstood each other on these issues in many ways, and Carson explains exactly how that is.

The other piece I wanted to highlight is also by D.A. Carson. "God, the Bible and spiritual warfare: A review article" looks at the work of Greg Boyd, an open theist, with one of the most thorough and able defenses of traditional understandings of divine knowledge of the future that I've ever read.

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Jeremy, thank you so much for putting me onto D.A. Carson's article. As I read it Tolkien's and Lewis' Ring and Narnia work took on increased significance and it was easy to see the war between God's good and Satan's evil played out in their stories. Interesting stuff!

Thanks for pointing this site out. Looks like theres a lot of really good stuff for me to work my way through. (And well done for linking to their commentary reviews from your recommendations page - I just noticed today)

thanks for this
too many interesting things to read not enough time.

You can find the same articles by Carson here as well as theologians on the topic of Open Theism.

In Christ,
Jeff Downs

Actually, that site just links to the same file I linked to. It doesn't have both of them either, just the open theism one. The evangelical/Catholic one isn't there, nor would I expect it to be at a site on open theism.

I think I have seen that site before, but last time I'd been there it had a link to an illegal copy of the Carson review, which I bookmarked and read a couple times. This was at least a couple years ago. The link eventually went dead, I imagine because it was illegally posting copyrighted material. I'm glad it's now online again, because it really is one of the best things I've read on the subject.

That was fabulous. Carson did an excellent job of critiquing and questioning without bashing. Not only was it professional but it had that Christ-like seasoning. Very well done. I haven't read Boyd's material to see if things were being blown out of proportion or not but I appreciated it nevertheless. Thanks for the link

does any one know where you can get a transcript of what Don Carson had to say about the emergent church? i know there are tapes, but i want it in word form. Rob

He's got a book on that coming out this year some time. Amazon doesn't have a date for it yet, but they've got the picture up, so it must be soon.

Thanks for the link. I use JETS but recently left my hardcopy collection behind for a move. It's great to have access again.

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