Enterprise Canceled

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Paramount has canceled Star Trek: Enterprise right at its high point. The writers this year have been systematically dealing with every single problem ever raised by critics against the series. They have written a few absolutely incredible multi-part stories after a pretty good season-long arc last season. They've tied the show into the original series in ways fans had originally hoped would happen but never did until now. The character development has tremendously improved. Most importantly, the stories this year have been some of the best of the entire franchise. I've liked the show all along, but it took until last season to get really good, and the non-filler stories this year have been some of the best Trek ever. It's not quite up to the final ten-part season finale for DS9, but the only things that high up the scale are Babylon 5 and the best episodes of the two Stargate series.

Paramount made one mistake. They moved the show this year to Friday, the night that they knew the SciFi Channel runs the most popular science fiction show of all time, Stargate: SG-1. They even play it at the same time. Since the Stargate shows show in the summer and spring, the Paramount execs had an entire fall to realize that they were going to be competing in the spring with the most popular show ever to air in the genre of their show. The one piece of information they cite for why they're canceling the show is that it got low ratings, especially low in the first week of the complete SciFi Friday lineup on the SciFi Channel. Unfortunately, Paramount owns both the show and the network, so it's not even clear that another channel could run it if another one could be found to run it (though SciFi themselves might do so if given the chance; they're willing to run the complete tripe Andromeda has turned into). [Hat tip: Ramblings' Journal]

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This can't be happening! UPN/Paramount finally kills off Star Trek Enterprise. The show was just starting to get good again (I never thought it had gotten all that bad to begin with). Putt... Read More

I watched the pilot episode of Star Trek: Enterprise and I think that is the only episode I have watched. I quickly was bored with it as I have been with every Star Trek series since Star Trek: The Next... Read More


It's too bad they did this and it is almost as if they wanted it to fail so they wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. Why else put it where it couldn't succeed, a place where the core audience would be split from the start, unless you were aiming for numbers that would justify cancellation? Even with Tivo I had to do some creative juggling (my wife loves Joan of Arcadia as well) but was saved by my station carrying a second run of Enterprise on Sunday evening at 7.

I agree that the stories have been generally great and have served to flesh out the Star Trek universe in interesting and enjoyable ways. Maybe it will have a future in feature films, but I had wanted to see an episode where Dr. Arik Soong built Data. Oh well...

Arik Soong didn't build Data. That was Noonien Soong, presumably his son or grandson. They'd have to skip a good 50-60 years at least before seeing Data come along. That was the point of the last scene saying he wouldn't finish it himself but would pass it on to the next generation.

Thanks for the correction...

It is a shame. I haven't managed to get back into the show after (i think) mid-season 2. And that's saying a lot since I've loved just about every Star Trek series. I am one of the proud and faithful few who thought that Voyager rocked. It was only recently that people were telling me that Enterprise was amazing.

TOS: I own the entire series on DVD. I still think it was a great show and loved most every episode. Turnabout Intruder being one of the few I hated.

TNG: I still watch when ever an episode comes on. I thought this was the best ever.

DS9: Took some getting used to, but the introduction of the USS Defiant, and being able to get away from the station made this series better.

VOY: Hated it at first. I thought some of the episodes were kinds hokey. (But what about TOS, didn't they have episodes where they met nazi's, Alice in WOnderland, and Apollo?) Yeah, you got me there! lol. After a while though, I started to really get into this one.

ENT: Only aspect I didn't like at first was the constant story-arcs. I liked the other episodes being an entire adventure, beginning to end, compressed into 1 hour. But then, I started watching season 3 and 4 near-religiously. I think it truly came into it's own this season. (Not unlike TNG which faced cancelation every season until The Best of Both Worlds came out and blasted the show onto it's own level) Now ENT is being canceled? geez, I'm gonna miss this show now. I need to get it all on DVD as soon as possible. Also, I still don't remember, when did it switch from just "Enterprise" to "Star Trek: Enterprise?"

Star Trek: Enterprise, you will be sorely missed!

Also, I still don't remember, when did it switch from just "Enterprise" to "Star Trek: Enterprise?"

They did that in the third season when they began the Xindi arc.

Only aspect I didn't like at first was the constant story-arcs. I liked the other episodes being an entire adventure, beginning to end, compressed into 1 hour. But then, I started watching season 3 and 4 near-religiously. I think it truly came into it's own this season.

They only had a few episodes in each of the first two seasons that tied into the temporal cold war (though they were among the very best episodes of those two years). The only other arc I know of is the Andorian one, and that's no more of an arc than the Q arc in TNG. It's just basically a recurring character situation, which even the most episodic shows have. They didn't really have any overarching arcs until the season-long one in season 3 and then the three 3-parters so far this season (and I believe a 2-parter right when the current 3-parter is done).

This version of Star Trek has been the most original since The Next Generation. Deep Space Nine was awful and Voyager was tolerable. This show has something to say. It was a voice and a purpose. Especially in the current political climate. Especially after the Columbia tragedy. I really enjoy how it is getting into the history of Star Trek. Its its biggest strength.

The show also looks great. I think it looked better on film. I'm not too crazy about the HD but if it helped keep costs down and the show on the air I would have accepted it.

Maybe DVD sales will bring it back like the fans did for The Family Guy? I really blame Paramount for this failure though. I know Star Trek isn't that popular anymore but there are plenty of Sci-Fi shows out there. There is no reason why Star Trek shouldn't still exist. But when you put Enterprise up against Angel last year and put it on Friday's this year what can you expect? Luckily I have a DVR. Enterprise really needs to be put on Tuesday nights. What Sci-Fi show is on tuesdays? Monday-24, Tuesday-Enterprise, Wednesday-Smallville, Alias and Lost.

That is a good three day lineup. Put Family Guy on Sunday and I have my tv for almost the week.

I'm not sure how the Columbia crash changes the value of anything they did in Enterprise.

I can see a few ways they've referred to the current political climate, but I don't think they did it well in some of the cases. The Bush references in the Vulcan trilogy were pretty lame. It really sounded like a slam against Bush, but every instance had something so different from the situation with Bush that it just sounded like a poor analogy. It was pretty disappointing. I guess that's what happens when the only arguments you're aware of against a view you don't like are bad arguments. You have to construct faulty analogies to defend them.

I do like the issues raised during the Xindi thing, though. Those are important moral questions that many people think are ambiguous, and it reminded me of what Babylon 5 and DS9 used to do. Battlestar Galactica is now doing that sort of thing pretty well, perhaps better than any of the ones I've just mentioned.

I see a lot in DS9 that you must have missed. It's by far my favorite of the Trek shows. Part of it has to do with the overarching stories. They dealt with religion better than almost any other scifi show has done, and the political issues with the Cardassians, Bajorans, Machis, Dominian, Romulans, Klingons turned out to be quite complex, raising numerous important questions.

I'm done with UPN............
si-fi CHANNEL turned on their viewers when then killed FARSCAPE .....
Now UPN has told us to go to hell....

SciFi also listened to their viewers and allowed Farscape to finish off its storyline. SciFi has also changed hands since the cancelation of Farscape. It's not the same people in charge, and what they've done since then (besides picking up Andromeda) has been quite excellent.

UPN (well, CBS really) made their decision because of ratings, which means they were at least in theory listening to the viewers. They ignored the fact that the drop in viewers had to do with nothing but the time slot, but that's just stupidity and not about whether they care about viewers.

UPN has joined the WB in being MORONS and canceling some of the only good shows on TV -Buffy, Angel, and Enterprise (only really good last season and this season).

I think we can blame reality TV for most of the cancelation of good shows. Hopefully that fad will soon die, except for the shows that do some good like Extreme Makeover:Home Edition. Although I don't watch it, at least American Idol gives someone a chance at stardom. The rest of reality is just crap. At least kudos to those that sometime do celebrity episodes for charity...

OK off the reality soapbox, but I will miss my sci-fi shows. Now that Farscape reruns are gone, all I have left is SG-1. I might actually have to start watching SG-Atlantis....is that one better than it was in the beginning?? :)

I'm not sure what you mean by "better than [Atlantis] was in the beginning". It's hard to get better than that early in a series, given that it was much better than SG-1 was until at least the latter half of season two. I think it's been one of the best first seasons of any show I've ever watched. I do think it will get better, but your question carried the implicature that it started out pretty bad, and I just can't understand why anyone who likes SG-1 might think such a thing.

Battlestar Galactica rocks. Great show.

This is one of the only shows I watch on TV. I am so sad that it is being cancelled. Growing up watching Star Trek always left me lost as to how Kirk and the gang got to that point. Now along comes a show that is trying to tie all those loose ends. I think this show could really make a name for itself. Forget ratings just do it for the record that it leaves. Though I think Topol really needs to stop being so pouty.

I loved Enterprise and was really hoping that It would of lasted a lot longer. Now all I have left is SG1, Battlestar and Atlantis. I wish those corporate people would of just tried a little bit harder at keeping the show instead of being focused on all of those reality shows. Oh well I guess I will just have to watch SCIFI now, unless they decide to cancel their shows too.

Since so many people seem to be getting to this page by searching for "Star Trek Topol" or some other perverse search, you should know: her name is T'Pol. You'll find a lot more of what you're looking for if you spell her name right.

Scott Bakula is the most boring Man to watch on TV, no wonder the shows ratings are appauling, who ever thought of putting that man in the show deserves to be horse whipped. The lead Man has no Elan, no screen presence, boring and so the show suffers with him.

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