Christian Carnival LIV

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The 54th Christian Carnival is at Digitus, Finger & Co., and mercifully it's only got 34 entries this week. Unfortunately, I still wasn't able to get through it very quickly and am posting this a week afterward yet again.

My Spongebob the Patsy is there, as is Sam's Pray for Iraq's Elections.

I've already written a lengthy post on Ron Sider's "The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience", spurred on by Fringe's We Are They, They Are Us. Since it's in the Christian Carnival this week, and I've already dealt with it, I'll say no more here, but I wanted to mention it given that I spent so much time engaging with Sider's article after reading Fringe's post.

The bloke in the outer urges caution with respect to blanket statements about Islam. I agree. Islam is not monolithic, despite what its missionaries claim. Furthermore, since I don't want someone who doesn't understand Christianity from within coming in and telling me that I know the Bible less than someone who can find a few verses to prooftext some controversial thesis, I'm not willing to do the same with the Qur'an. I've read most of it. I know lots of what it says. I know that some of the extremists regularly do things in violation of what seems to me to be its clear restrictions on the use of violence. I also know that they find support with in for their actions. Since I don't claim to know it from within, I can't claim to judge which Islamic factions are best interpreting it. I haven't spent enough time in it. Christians who make blanket statements about Islam's purposes or desires against the West are engaging in a double standard unless they think it's ok for people who don't really read the Bible to declare that what is says is immoral.

Patriot Paradox has a nice response to a commenter who asked some common questions about confession of sins and how that relates to what he calls "the mechanics of redemption". I haven't seen too many people trying to deal with this sort of question systematically, and I'm not sure why.

Imago Veritatis insightfully ties together Paul's instruction in Romans 6 to use the parts of your body as instruments of righteousness and not wickedness with the man exhortations throughout scripture about how we use our tongue in speech.

Wittenberg Gate discusses what should be required for someone in ministry who sins seriously to be restored to ministry at a later time. It's too bad most people don't observe this sort of thing, particularly those with large ministries. I'm not quite sure why a secular politician like Newt Gingrich has led so many Christian bloggers to raise this particular issue, though, because it's apples and oranges.

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