Christian Carnival LVI Plug


Dunmoose the Ageless will be hosting the 56th Christian Carnival this week. This is a great way to make your writing more well known and perhaps pick up some regular readers. To enter is simple. First, your post should be of a Christian nature, but this does not exclude posts that are political (or otherwise) in nature from a Christian point of view. Second, please send only one post dated since the last Christian Carnival (i.e. from last Wednesday through this coming Tuesday).

Then do the following:

Send your submission to Dunstan at [dunmoose ATT yahoo DOTT ca]. Please send only one post dated since the last Christian Carnival (i.e. something posted since midnight EST last Tuesday night, Feb 2). Include your:

Blog name
Blog URL
Post name
Post URL
Post Description

Please get your submissions in by Tuesday night (Feb 8) at midnight EST. The host requests that you try to send them in earlier if possible, because he'd like to have the carnival posted by noon the next day.

Don't forget to encourage a friend to contribute and have them stop by and join the Christian Carnival mailing list for regular updates regarding submission infor and hosting for future Christian Carnivals.


    The Parablemen are: , , and .



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