Christian Carnival LVII Issues

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There was some miscommunication regarding the hosting of the 57th Christian Carnival, but whatever misinformation led to the double hosting, it was genuine misinformation. The original host never intended not to host.

It was supposed to be at Sharing Spirit, until someone said they'd heard from her saying she couldn't host, which seemed strange to me because I'd been emailing back and forth with her for days about it. Dory tried to email her, without success, so she decided to have people email her the entries, and she put them up at Wittenberg Gate. Then the submissions that people had sent to Kim starting appearing at Sharing Spirit, each as a separate post at half-hour intervals rather than all together in standard carnival form.

I believe there are ten entries at each location that aren't at the other, for a total of 50 entries, but I can't link directly to anything at Sharing Spirit without linking to individual submissions. So that you can see all the ones not at the Wittenberg Gate post, I'm putting them all in one place here:

Revelation: Messages to the Churches at Bezahlt(dot)Org
Getting My Attention at Borgard Blog
Congressman Bobby Jindal - Catholic Apologist? at Catholics in the Public Square
Will Washington's Birthday Find Terri Starving? at Life Matters!
You're So Special at truegrit
The Pope, Death, and Dying at Every Thought Captive
Sunday Sermon on Fasting at Dappled Things
Values at Blogcorner preacher
In search of a clue at Pondering poetry
The American Anti-Christian Liberals Union at the Jesusfreak


Thanks Jeremy. I didn't even know this was going on.

Thanks for the clarification. Assumptions are what I am assuming caused the genuine miscommunications.

:-) That is supposed to be philosophy humor.


Thank you for the psuedo-fix. I thought I was left out in the cold. Hopefully there will be no miscommunications next time.

Thanks for this service Jeremy. This was my first attempt at joining the carnival.

all's well:)

I want to thank you as well for doing this. Keep up the good work!


    The Parablemen are: , , and .



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