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Scott Elliott of the Election Projection site is back from his hiatus after the election ended. I figured he'd be gone longer, so I hadn't checked in a while, but he's been back since the beginning of the year and intends to post daily. Two items of note so far:

1. He's predicting that the close Washington election is going to cost Democrats a senator, with Rossi taking that spot. Scott's predictions are often right. He was one of the few people listing reasons why Bush would win well over a year ahead of time, and almost all of his reasons turned out to be the main reasons Bush won. His reasoning in this case makes sense to me, so we'll see if he's right on this too.

2. I know Americans are ignorant about important things, but this is ridiculous. A poll asking people what percentage of Iraqis would need to vote for the election to be legitimate. 40% of those who had an opinion thought thought Iraq needed to have a higher turnout than the U.S. did in November 2004. Otherwise it wouldn't be legitimate. So, unless for some reason you need a much higher standard for Iraqi elections to be legitimate, no U.S. presidential election since 1970 was legitimate.


I've found some of them by clicking on my sitemeter to discover that the search in question had me on top. Most of them were just from terms I've used that I don't expect very many others to use.

I think I've got the wrong word, if that's a Googlewhack. I'm pretty sure there's one if you're just the top search among others.

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