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I've gotten another list of things to blog about that I don't want to take the time to have extended posts about, so here's yet another roundup. The funny thing is that almost all of these came to my attention today, so it's not as if it's been building to the point of overflow for a while. All of a sudden I just had many things I wanted to link to, and I'm spending all the time I get on bigger projects (not to mention that I really need to catch up on my teaching responsibilities that I all but dropped aside from bare minimum class prep for much of the last week, given that I've been nearly a full-time dad while Sam's been sick). So these have entered the "Around the Blogosphere" queue in a very short time, and I'm now emptying it again (or at least emptying it of things I'm not reserving for more extended posts). Anyway, here's some of what's going on around the blogosphere.

The Christian Carnival this week is at Wittenberg Gate. As usual, my roundup will appear when I read through it all. I believe Dory is still taking entries because of the confusion over hosting. Some of the entries seem to be appearing at regular intervals (on the half hour) at the original host, but I don't think they're all there, and each one is in a separate post rather than as one carnival post that you can just read through at once rather than waiting for this automated process (at least I assume it's automated and is a result of the web submission process).

Jollyblogger chimes in on the debate over what needs to be part of a gospel presentation for it to be a genuine gospel presentation. Only he doesn't really enter the debate itself. The debaters are asking the wrong question. Gospel presentations do not contain the gospel. They all leave something important out. At the same time, the short presentations in the book of Acts are not inappropriate because they leave many important points out. I think I agree with everything he says except the wonderful line about making things as clear as a shower makes a bathroom mirror. Along the way, a number of other great points about fairly diverse issues appear. The whole thing is worth reading.

I haven't had a chance to read it all yet, but Mark Roberts' series on President Bush's political theology looks really interesting. It challenges what all sorts of people say about Bush, liberal and conservative, Christian and non-Christian alike. I know I don't agree with all he says (e.g. Bush probably meant the image of God in everyone when he said there's a spark of the divine in everyone), but it's worth seeing a different perspective on this sort of thing, and this series will provide that for just about anyone.

Vodkapundit draws attention to a strange side effect of environmentally friendly vehicles. Gas taxes fund road construction, so drivers of gas-powered vehicles are paying for the roads anyone driving a hybrid is using, which seems unfair. Of course, maybe unfairness is justified if someone is willing to help reduce pollution. Still, the revenue for roads will dry up where hybrids are popular if something doesn't change in the way road maintenance is funded.

Patrick Ruffini has an Iraq election map with analysis. My only question is whether he's really justified in saying Allawi did better in regions with higher insurgent/terrorist activity because the U.S. presence makes people less willing to vote along religious lines, while people feel more free without U.S. troops there. Might it not be the greater presence of insurgents/terrorists that led to Allawi's greater success and not the greater number of American troops?

ProLifeBlogs is looking for 100 blogs to join together in support of saving Terri Schiavo's life. Terri is a victim of a husband who wants her dead so he can collect his insurance money before he divorces her and marries the woman he's been living with for long enough to have a few kids with her. Her parents and siblings have resisted his attempts to kill her, but the medical-legal system doesn't seem to care about her husband's conflicts of interest. There are legitimate issues about whether she really is in the vegetative state her doctors have claimed she's in. Her parents insist that she's displayed behavior inconsistent with that diagnosis. There will also be a roundup on Terri Schavio posts at Wittenberg Gate on Sunday.

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