Which of these things is worse than the other?

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Mark raises an important philosophical question over at OrangePhilosophy. If you had to choose, would you rather eat poo-flavored-chocolate or chocolate-flavored-poo? The discussion is moving right along. Feel free to join in, but be prepared to defend your answer.

If you can stomach the disgustingness of it long enough to read through the comments until you reach mine, you'll see how this ties up with genuine moral and aesthetic issues that turn out to be quite controversial, with some relevance to sexual ethics.


I passed this over the first time, but found myself thinking about it after the fact. (Part of the reason I passed on it was a) the subject matter and b) the fact that my family had a nasty GI bug and I was overwhelmed by formless voids...)

Anyway, to me the issue is primarily about function and purpose. Isn't it possible that one of the reasons fecal matter is so aesthetically revolting is that we're not supposed to eat it? The sensory and associative factors are the reasons the poo-flavored chocolate would be so disgusting, but there is no intrinsic disgust-factor in chocolate (except for those who are allergic to it, or diabetic, or hate the taste, or something).

It seems almost utilitarian to say that there'd be nothing wrong with eating poo if it tasted like chocolate (and was sterilized), meaning, so what if it passes through the bowels of a person and exits a rather personal and private region, if it can be made use of (eaten)? Similar to reasoning used to justify use of embryonic stem-cells. But I think that things have belonging, i.e., they belong in certain places and in certain uses, but not in others. It�s part of the form of creation (design); it�s why life doesn�t �work� right if its form is disregarded in some way.

We eat to take nutrition into our bodies, to assimilate it for our sustenance. Therefore what purpose can there be for eating something non-nutritive? Worse, of assimilating something that�s already been eaten by someone else?

I mean, eating someone�s feces is almost as intimate as having sex with them, in an absolutely sick sort of way (I can't believe I'm saying this)...it�s partaking of something that they�ve ingested; it�s gone into their mouth and through yards and yards of their innards and body chemistry...and, it's their waste!

Ugh. I'm rambling. Anyway, thanks for the provocative link.


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