The Two-Sauce Theory

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There's a new controversial theory out now about where the synoptic gospels came from. It was once commonly accepted that Matthew was the first gospel written, but that view is largely out of favor, despite some vocal proponents. Most people believe Mark to be the earliest, and most people think Matthew and Luke used Mark and a hypothetical collection of sayings of Jesus now popularly called Q. Well, a new theory has appeared on the scene to rival these contenders: the Two-Sauce Theory!

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I"ve just heard about "Q" recently. One question I have is (uhm) what's the point? I mean what practical difference does it make if Matthew came first, or Mark + Q and then Luke/Matthew (and Q got lost)? Is there a link or reference you might point to that gives the lowdown on why this matters?


If you know that an account in Matthew used the account in Mark, then you know that Matthew deliberately left certain things out and emphasized others, so it gives you a sense of the purpose of the account in his gospel. If he was prior and not Mark, then you can't do that with Matthew for that passage, but you could do it for Mark. That's one practical result. It's also relevant for apologetics (particularly in dealing with complains that the gospels disagree and in arguing based on the earliest Jesus traditions) and for text criticism (reconstructing which of the manuscript traditions should be taken to be more accurate when there's some disagreement between them).

that was hilarious.

I was literally sitting here settling in for my daily dose of erudition and literally thinking how glad I am for this blog... a little corner of philosophical/theological thought to remind me that there is more to life than laundry/dishes and dealing with well meaning relatives.....

When..... poof.... here comes this....

Now I am really cracking up!!

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