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Yes, know Thanksgiving was a long time ago, but somehow we never got to developing them until just before Christmas, and then they forgot to include the disc in the package, so I had to leave it with them again to get the electronic pictures. I picked it up last week during my heavy grading and didn't get around to posting any pictures during that time and then forgot about it afterward. So here they are. There were a bunch of other pictures of adults, but I'm guessing people in some of them probably wouldn't like themselves portrayed that way on the internet. Oh, and this is post #900 for those who aren't counting (which I hope is anyone reading this). We're now in the home stretch to #1000.

Well, we can start off with the firstborn. To the left, Ethan is doing one of his favorite things: playing with his VeggieTales videos. Don't ask what he's doing with them. He likes to hold them up against each other and compare them. Perhaps he thinks he's using them as symbols for something else. I don't know. We can't figure it out, and he doesn't talk about his inner life. Next is some weird reindeer hat his aunties made him wear at the mall. This one appears because Sam insisted. To the right is Ethan wearing his grandpa's glasses. He loves to wear glasses and to put glasses on stuffed animals, particularly his duck. Of course, the aforementioned trip to the mall was the last time we saw that duck, so we had to get him a new one. After a month without it, he was willing to accept the closest thing I could find to it, even though he knew it wasn't the same duck.

Now we go on to Isaiah. As usual, there aren't as many good pictures of him. Part of the explanation for this is that he doesn't like people to take pictures of him, while Ethan loves it. Part is simply that his aunties didn't see fit to photograph him as much as they did his big brother. That's bias, I tell you. Here he's got his full winter getup on. We don't get out the big jackets very often, partly because it's harder to put them in their car seats but mostly because they can't move around much. You can't see it as well in this picture, but he often has the look of the kid in A Christmas Story who can't put his arms down. It's not quite that bad, but the kid really can't move around much when in full getup. It's best to spare him that whenever we can.

Now here's Mommy's little girl Sophia, awake and asleep. She's turned out to be very adventurous for her age, liking especially to sit up and stand up (with much aid, of course) and talking far earlier than her brothers did. By talking, I mean real vocalizations with actual syllables. She was doing that at two months. Considering that Isaiah hasn't moved much beyond that and only uses occasional partial words right after we've said those words, that's pretty good. She doesn't use sign language, though. She's finally learned to entertain herself for longer periods of time, which means she doesn't have to be held constantly, provided Ethan is not around. He likes to pat her, kick her, and so on, not realizing that her cries are of what he experiences when he feels pain. He just thinks it's a funny cause-effect relationship like when he pushes buttons on his toys to make noise.

Now we get what is amazingly the best shot in the bunch of the spread. There were two other attempts, and both failed remarkably to capture the fullness of fine feasting. What you can see well are some of Sam's dining room decorations, including the huge bay window overlooking the beautiful panorama of the side of our neighbors' house and the shared driveway in between. Without being able to see outside, you might not realize how wonderful the view is. To the sides are Mark and Irem, who joined us for Thanksgiving for the second time (I believe). Isaiah is in his usual position, the only one he'll accept much of the time: in my arms.


Some nice pics, Jeremy (and not just 'cause me and the wife are in them) ! I like Ethan in the glasses.
I wish we had a picture of you keeping both Ethan and Isaiah from wrecking the Lord of the Rings Risk game.


And I wish I had the Lord of the Rings Risk game. No one but my brother plays and he lives in Jersey now.

The kids are beautiful...
And...just what were you drinking there...inquiring minds want to know what the "brightest" minds around had on their table at tell...for some reason my computer doesn't seem to download the whole picture. Don't say diet sierra mist... I can see that part.
Did I mention you have the most beautiful children?!

The only thing I drank was the Sierra Mist. There's something else there, but you'd have to ask someone that drinks that sort of thing. They all look the same to me.

Let's see now. We had a bottle of Sutter Home white zinfandel and a bottle of Sutter Home cabernet sauvignon. Courtesy of my sister. Both were pretty nice.

Thanks Sam... Eric and I are wine novices in the infant stages of knowing anything about wine.... so I was curious. So far we found a nasty Australian chardonnay we didn't like and another chardonnay we did like. White zin might be another direction to go. We spent at least 10 years as near prohibitionists... but never really that radical... we just couldn't afford wine and felt we should be exceedingly careful about it. We are just only slightly more relaxed about it now and so we are beginning to learn. We need, Wine for Dummies or some such title.

On behalf of the supposedly biased aunties I would like to say that we are so NOT.. well I can speak for myself, I don't know about the other 2... as to Isaiah and the lack of pictures with him in them... let's put it this way.. his nickname should be ghost because when he is ready he can vanish into thin air... ever notice how all the pics of him are either during bath time, meal time, or when you are holding him??? getting him to keep still for a picture is not an easy task... so again on behalf of the aunties... we are not biased...

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