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I try to do something a little different in landmark posts. Sam likes to do Thankful Thursdays on her blog, listing some things she's thankful for and encouraging others to do the same in her comments. I've decided to use my 925th post to list some things about her that I'm really glad for. There are many other reasons why I consider her an incredible blessing, but I wanted to list ten that come to mind at the moment.

1. The kind of creativity she brings to our house and our children is about as far as possible from what I could even begin to think might be possible for someone to produce.

2. I see cooking as a skill. For her, it's an art. She's constantly developing her expressive abilities through experimentation, and even what she considers failures are far better than what most people can come up with even with a recipe. She pulled off a surprise catfish and mango salad dinner tonight that looked like the sort of thing you might find at a $100 per plate restaurant except that it wasn't minimal proportions and tasted as if more work had gone into the taste than the look, which is really saying something.

3. Amidst all that, she still loves junk food, though it's not always the same junk food I like. We're topping off our dinner with microwave popcorn right now.

4. She doesn't merely tolerate my conviction that science fiction and fantasy as a genre are objectively better than any other fiction. She delights in some of the best TV ever made and even introduced me to the best show ever produced.

5. She cares deeply about things I should care about but often ignore or can't seem to prioritize. I have a lot to learn from her about that sort of thing.

6. I may not be out of the house anywhere near as much as people with full-time jobs, but Sam does a lot of things she really doesn't enjoy while I'm not around to do the tasks she likes the least. With two complete terrors who get so much joy out of taking things apart and mixing all our important documents up with each other, it's amazing she isn't much more frustrated than she actually is with the things she has to do day in and day out.

7. She hasn't selected some very particular kind of music that she likes to listen to over and over again, and she has no interest in listening to radio stations that play top 40 or modern rock. She basically likes music.

8. Out of the strange combination of influences that include Anglicanism, black pentecostalism, and a mainstream evangelical college ministry, she's ended up with a strikingly balanced theological perspective and attitude toward Christian life. With all the nuttiness I've seen among some Christians, it's nice to be spending my life with someone who thinks clearly.

9. She's willing to sit with me while I watch a two-hour debate between two Supreme Court justices on as obscure an issue as what the role of foreign law might play in U.S. judicial opinions.

10. She's totally hot.


It was tilapia and catfish.

I think it's wonderful that you praise your wife publicly, and so articulately :-)

I'm also amazed that someone can serve a gourmet dinner to a family with small children. My kids won't eat anything with sauce, or that doesn't have hamburger in it.

Oh, they won't eat most of what she cooks. This was just for us. Ethan did eat some of the catfish, though.

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