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As they do at the beginning of every year, Denver Journal has updated their Annotated Old Testament Bibliography and Annotated New Testament Bibliography. It's a pretty helpful resource for OT and NT studies, particularly with commentaries, which take up the bulk of each list. Denver Journal in general is a nice source for book reviews on biblical studies, theology, apologetics, and other subjects normally covered in seminary, and a few of the faculty who write these reviews are top-notch biblical scholars.

By the way, I'm in the process of updating my own commentary recommendations. I've added a number of forthcoming commentaries that I expect to be good, and I'm putting in links to their Amazon entries a little bit at a time. I've added a bunch of commentaries since I first posted the list in February. Once I'm done adding the links, I'll probably move it forward as a new entry, and then I'll gradually work on the next major overhaul, which will include real discussion of all the works in the list based on my own use of them and any reviews I've read. That won't done any time soon, though.


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