Negative Emotions

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I wanted to link to this days ago, but I never got around to it. Jollyblogger has an excellent post dealing with how Christians should view negative emotions such as anger, sadness, hate, or offense. Some say they're all bad. Others say we should just recognize them as natural responses that aren't themselves sinful. I think what David is saying is that it's not so simple.

I wish I had the time to expand on this myself. It's something I've had thoughts about for years without ever really working them out systematically, never mind getting them written out. I did have a short discussion on this recently with Bonnie of Off the Top, in the comments on this post, where I had linked to her Christian Carnival submission with some cryptic comments about my disagreements with C.S. Lewis on this issue, and she had wondered what I was getting at. It barely scratches the surface of the long post I had expected to write, but this Clarence Thomas series is going to take priority for a few days, and I didn't want to let too much time pass since Jollyblogger's post, so I'm just doing the quick link here with this short explanation.


oh goody... i never know what to do with that powerful "rip roaring mad" that comes along every once in a while... I will check it out.

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