Moms, Teenage Daughters, and Sex

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Michele at A Small Victory has a fascinating discussion of her attitude toward her teenage daughter's process of learning about sex. The mature perspective she offers provides a stark contrast to the stuff that's usually called mature but isn't. Given that Michele is an atheist, the perspective she presents is even more unusual. [There are some graphic points in the discussion, so those who don't want to see various acts described or eho want to avoid certain words shouldn't follow the link.]


The only thing about her whole approach is this important fact. Most teenage girls are masters at giving just the perfect impression with their mothers that they are being open and honest in their communications with them. That way.... they can get their parents to relax and let them do what they want.

Having said that...I do think that parenting teens regarding sexuality does require TIME and SPACE. Forced discussions don't work. But as things come up naturally, one must take the time to really communicate 1. what the Bible teaches specifically about sex and 2. what we expect from our children and 3. how we expect them to navigate through (as in dating/no dating decisions, etc.)

Some Christians will go to great lengths on the strong "no-no" message without communicating the preciousness of the gift of sexuality. I have tried to communicate that it is so precious we don't waste it and we don't disobey our creator with regard to its expression.

And most of all discussions tend to come from real life situations that are pretty close to home. I remember helping my oldest understand about pregnancy out of wedlock when she was just 10 years old. So from the consequences of others we can learn much.

The likes of Katie Couric are just not where we get our information... so the while I wouldn't phrase my opinion in terms anything like your linked article....

She makes more sense than most. Just watch for the signs of trouble in kids who might be really good at the proverbial "snow job."


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