Logic Puzzle 4

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Jeremy's 4D "gappy person" solution to logic puzzle 3 is very attractive to me except that it runs into problems with my next logic puzzle:

(1) It is by Jesus that all things cohere.
(2) Jesus died for a measurable period of time.
(3) How could that measuarble period of time even exist if Jesus (being dead) was not there to hold the universe together?

This is typically answered by saying that Jesus died in one sense, but not in another. But Jeremy's "gappy person" solution doesn't allow for that.

As it is, I'm not a big fan of the "died in one sense but not another" solution. It seems a big cop-out. The "he died in His humanity, but not in His divinity" solution is again rather Nestorian. Plus, it is not natures that die, but persons. The "he died physically but not spiritually" solution has problems too. Aren't the wrath of God and the forsakenness of the cross usually considered spiritual death (separation from God)? Then didn't Jesus die both physically and spiritually?

I think I know the right way to preserve the "gappy person" solution, but I want to see if Jeremy comes up with the same one.


Of course, the more typical variant of this puzzle goes something like this:

(1) Jesus is the principle of Life
(2) Jesus died.
(3) How can the principle of Life die?
(4) The princple of Life having died, how is resurrection possible seeing as resurrection requires life?

Well, all it says is that all things cohere in him or through him or whatever it says. It doesn't say that it has done so at every time, and we just conclude from his pre-existence that this was true for all time in the past. Presumably all things cohere in him through his being God, so I'm not sure why they wouldn't continue to cohere through the Father, who I believe to be timeless anyway and causes all things across time to cohere in one single act. The same would go for the principle of life.

Come on!

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