Kevin Drum Defends Rumsfeld

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Conservative pundits have been criticizing Bush, and particularly Rumsfeld, for not having enough troops in Iraq. So who comes to the rescue? Kevin Drum, of all people! I think I agree with everything he says. Normally I try not to link to very much that I merely agree with and have nothing to add, but the role reversals here are too interesting not to note.

This is the sort of thing that originally led me to link to Kevin Drum when I was looking for a more politically diverse blogroll. This was before he was anywhere near the top ten, while he was still blogging at CalPundit. I looked through his front page and found about four or five nicely balanced posts with real analysis, points he acknowledged that favored views he didn't endorse, and even views not common among liberals. As the election approached, I thought he was a little more strident, perhaps a little less fair, and filled with nutcases in his comments (which is not a label I assign merely because of views but more based on behavior). The nutcases are still around, but the comments on this one have a much higher percentage of real discussion than most of what I've seen among those with blogs in the top ten who allow comments, perhaps about 40%, at least near the beginning of the thread.

Hat tip: A Physicist's Perspective (via Instapundit, who shares his own thoughts and links to further discussion)

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