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I'm having a definitional problem. Does it count as an Instalanche if Instapundit opens up comments and then someone links to me? I've only had five people click on it between 9:15 and 10:30, and since it's an older post I imagine it won't be a huge influx, but you never know. I imagine real Instalanches lead to a much greater traffic increase.

It's already more traffic than I'm getting for that post from the Carnival of the Vanities, but that had a whopping 78 posts in it, and I'm not sure most people looking through it wanted to click on very many posts.


The Humorous Answer:

You will know it when you see it. :-)

The Serious Answer:

When the Great One deems something you wrote worthy of comment, and linkage, in a post on his blog, you can expect just about anyone, from here to the ends of the Earth, interested in the subject, to stop by your place for a look see.

And, that be quite a few folks. :-)

The closest I've ever come is to have a brief e-mail back & forth with the Great One, once, in regards to an essay he wrote on Tech Central Station.

If it's a real Instalanche, you'll know. The one time The New Editor had one, it was over 5.000 hits in a single day.

Good luck.

BTW, I came here because of the Instapundit link.

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