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This was interesting. I was browsing Ales Rarus, and he made the claim that Catholics must deny the five points of Calvinism. I think that's false for all five points, so I was intrigued when a commenter on this post linked to this Catholic defense of the Reformed TULIP doctrines.

I knew Reformed thinkers had always found support in Augustine, Aquinas, and other thinkers whom Catholics tend to respect greatly (I'd mention the Jansenists such as Antoine Arnauld and Nicolas Malebranche, but they were unfortunately officially declared heretics posthumously, though I believe Augustine was temporarily a heretic himself). Also, commentaries by Catholic scholars Joseph Fitzmyer and Luke Timothy Johnson sound more like Luther than like the Roman Catholics of Luther's day. Still, I'd never seen a Catholic defend TULIP explicitly before in the terms Calvinists use.


The guy who wrote that, Jimmy Akin, has his own blog.


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