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Razorskiss has a new carnival, the Apologetics Carnival. I missed the first one because I was apparently behind in reading the sites that I read that linked to it. Judging by the topic, I would have had virtually nothing to say anyway, since it was all meta-apologetics, and all the posts I glanced at were such wide-open, big picture, paint-with-a-broad-brush, forest-over-the-trees sort of thing that I'd be just out of my realm even trying to say something about it.

The second one is coming up quickly, and it's still meta-apologetics rather than doing apologetics, but the way it's not well-defined leaves an opening for some of what I do well partly because it's so undefined, if I can pull it off. The topic is Digital Salt, whatever that means. The goal is to see what people come up with when there's no further explication. See Razorskiss for more. There doesn't seem to be any submissions information, though, so perhaps those in charge could come up with some soon, since the deadline is less than 40 hours away.


Well, there is - it's just easy to miss. I hadn't thought about it. If you read the "About" entry, listed under the Vox Apologia schedule, on my right sidebar, there's a short blurb - but that IS hard to find. I'll make it easier to find - as you're right - it's hard to find. I replied to your comment on the Vox Apologia II entry.

Also, yes - I am starting with meta-apologetics. For one, because this is new, and I want an "introduction", and two, because every host can pick their own topic. I'm starting out with foundation/definition - then, people can go "more exact" from that point.

For example - in the next two weeks, someone's subject is "Euthanasia". Whoever hosts, picks the topic. This is only number two :D


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