Was Christmas Intelligently Designed?

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At Prosthesis: If there's no Santa Claus, we seem presented with two options. Either the universe assembled all the presents everyone wanted by random chance, or one intelligent mind is behind it all.

If we realize the fallacy involved here, then we know the most reasonable view is that many intelligent designers who coordinate their efforts are responsible for this, and not one of them has any superhuman or magical methods in achieving the goal. If we then apply the same response to ID arguments about human life on earth, we'll conclude that a whole slew of intelligent minds were involved in creating life on earth. The alien origins story will then seem much more plausible. Maybe that was the point, since Prosthesis' post started off with The X-Files. It may not have been Prosthesis' point, but it might have been the point of the team of intelligent designers behind Prosthesis' actions.

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