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The 116th Carnival of the Vanities is at The Big Picture. It includes my Gonzales and La Raza.

Let's Try Freedom has an excellent seven-part series on gay marriage. I agree in large measure. He's Catholic and coming from a slightly different framework on some issues, but I think I agree with all his conclusions.

The Electric Commentary gives a good example of a racist misuse of the term 'racism'. A few bars are turning people away because of how they're dressed. People are crying anti-black racism because the way of dressing that's being discriminated against is somehow Dressing While Black (when it just looks more of a Dressing as a Sports Fan look to me). While the author cites a downright awful dictionary definition that doesn't even come close to what the heart of racism is (for more on that, see here), he's right to point out that the assumption behind the charge of racism here is much closer to racism than the actual policy they're protesting as racist. Isn't it more racist to assume certain ways of dressing are black than it is to exclude people on the basis of clothing because you don't want people looking like they're coming from a baseball game?

Coyote Blog looks at some really strange criteria the NEA uses to measure school quality, e.g. teachers' salaries (not adjusted for standard of living), number of students in a state, how good a school is at getting money from the federal government, and quality of education. That's what you get when the employee union for teachers evaluates schools. They care more about teachers' salaries than students' learning.

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