Best of Me Symphony LV

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The 55th Best of Me Symphony is up at The Owner's Manual. My Theistic Explanations is there. In it I explain why it's fallacious to conclude that God's existence can't in principle be the conclusion of an inference to the best explanation. Some people say that since God's existence isn't already proved, you can't use it as an explanation for other things, which misunderstands the whole form of argument involved. Others say that since God is mysterious, we've just moved the mystery back and not really explained anything. If so, then the whole business of explanation is pointless, because that's what all scientific explanation is like.

Highly recommended is Miss O'Hara's Modesty (the host mistitled her). The thing I like most about Miss O'Hara's post, along with the two by Hugo Schwyzer that she links to, is that we get to see feminist arguments, or at least arguments consistent with one important version of feminism, in favor of the virtue of modesty, something many feminists will not accept as a virtue. [Update: this is modesty in dress, not modesty about one's accomplishments, which is either a different virtue entirely from what these posts are about, namely humility, or not a virtue at all, i.e. false modesty which is really a form of pride in the bad sense.]

A View From the Pew has some thoughts on how we, in the words of the BoMS host, outsource blame to God, just as the disciples did before Jesus calmed the storm.

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