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The former atheist philosopher who has lost his atheism is now talking about it. ABC news has covered it, and you can see it from the horse's mouth here in an interview in a forthcoming issue of Philosophia Christi. I haven't read it yet. I'm waiting for my hard copy to come in the mail, and I haven't had the time to do much online reading, which is good because I still have a long list of things to blog about, some from well over a week ago.

Joe Carter and Donald Sensing have been discussing this also, along with many others. I mention these two because they're higher profile and because both had commenters citing this 2001 quote from him as if it shows this all to be bunk. I'm not sure how a 2001 quote from him that he's still an atheist shows that his own words in 2004 that he isn't to be bunk.

Update: There's more at GetReligion as well.

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British athiest philosopher Antony Flew isn't anymore. This story has been flying around the blogosphere a lot lately. Here is my take on the results and the reasons for his "conversion"... Read More


I saw this story last week. Intriguing. As I understand it, Flew still doesn't believe in a God who is involved in our daily affairs. But as I see it, why would a supreme being care enough to create life only to leave it in the lerch? Yes, it's incredible that the maker of the universe gives a hoot about me personally...but it's pretty awesome. After all, that's what Christmas is all about. "He wrapped his love in flesh and blood, and took the form of man."

Check out the following link to get a more accurate report on Flew's "theism."

Christians should not see this as a victory of any sort. The God of Aristotle and Spinoza is a far cry from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Philo, I was simply posting the information to correct the misinformation I kept seeing. I never said anything about a victory or about theism. The posts I linked to made it clear that his deism is like that of Jefferson and that the only thing interesting about this is that Flew is now willing to accept a design argument, something he has spent an entire career arguing against.

This is huge! Christians indeed see this as a great victory. The far cry from Spinosa's God to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not as far as that from atheism to theism. C.S. Lewis also progressed from atheism, to theism to Christianity. Some liken it to the Apostle Paul's conversion. Flew should not be so hasty in declaring himself a deist. After all, he has been wrong before. He owes it to himself to seek out this God. His eternity may depend on it.

Let the people of God be in prayer for Antony Flew. Should this man come to Christ, can you imagine the impact upon the atheistic community! Flew says in his interview with Habermas that he has always been one to go where the evidence takes him. If he is sincere about that, how can he shake off the weight of evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ? He has already said that Christ is immensely more attractive to him that Mohammed. May that attraction become even more compelling!

As it is, the atheistic community is just either mad at him or calling him a fool. I'm not sure that it would be any different if he became a Christian. It might be worth praying for for his sake, but I'm skeptical that that would be the kind of thing to lead to mass atheistic conversions, judging by the responses so far to what he's already said.

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