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In the interest of promoting non-election-related blogging (not that I'll stop talking about the election, but I'd like to promote non-election stuff also), I've decided to break with my usual practice of not linking to a carnival until after I've looked at all the posts and decided which ones I'll highlight. I've read none of the posts in either of the following carnivals except for any I happened to read independently of either carnival. I'll do a post on each one individually once I've done that to do the usual highlighting thing, but I wanted to link to them now to contribute toward moving the blogosophere quickly into normalcy beyond the election. It's going to take me a while before I really begin going through them anyway due to having a serious grading deadline on Friday, so I might as well post the links now.

So here we are. The 1st Carnival of the Reformation (Post Tenebras Lux) is at Jollyblogger, and the 42nd Christian Carnival (Non Nominem Longum et Latinum Habeat) is at King of Fools. My Scripture and Worship is in both, primarily because I didn't have the time to write another Christian-related post worthy of a carnival for the Christian Carnival. That's what happens when you have jury duty on top of all your other responsibilities, which include being a month behind on grading, a new kid around the house without quite being used to having more kids than people to take care of them, normal teaching responsibilities, etc. Oh, well.

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