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I'm playing around with my stylesheet, so things may look strange for a bit as I figure out which names correspond to which parts of the blog.

Update (9 am): I guess I've got something workable for now with the silver background. Any thoughts?


So, you are not feeling so black and white these days? ;-)

ANYTHING is better than white type on black. And honestly, I'd even choose a lighter grey than what you've got now.

Well, I couldn't think of anything better than white on black (except red on black, which I've gotten complaints about also). Bright or light text on dark colors should be the easiest thing to read, but it also just looks so nice. I didn't want to change it at all, but I've seen too many complaints that defy what seems like common sense to me, so I've had to assume these are coming from people with a very different perceptual system than mine, and I've decided to make a concession to those who don't see colors the way I and many others do.

This was actually the lightest non-white in the program I used to edit the stylesheet (white looked so drab without the flashy stuff I don't know how to do to distract you). Now that I know which spots in the stylesheet are all backgrounds, I can susbtitute another more complicated color at some point, but I wanted something workable until I get more time to get it the way I want it.

I like the black on gray. It's not as harsh as a white background (which I admit to using...) and isn't too "busy." I agree with TulipGirl that you could even go lighter with gray. I find that the more colorful templates distract the reader. I guess it all depends on what you're going for here... and if you don't know what your goal is, who cares, it's your blog, change it as often as you want!

I thought that if the medium is close to your eyes as book pages, or computer screens are, then lighter backgrounds and darker letters are better. It is when the medium is yards away, such as when we look at a chalkboard or powerpoint presentation that we enjoy dark background and light letters.

That makes some sense, because the original context when I became convinced that white on black is easier to read was with overhead projectors. A friend of mine printed out a song on a transparency for use in public worship that had all the spaces between the letters filled in but the letters left transparent, and it was so much easier to read that we would have instituted a policy of doing all the songs that way if it didn't use up so much toner.

I'm still don't think white on black is hard for me to read, but maybe I sit farther from my screen than some people do. Maybe part of it is from vision problems that aggravate the difficulty of focusing, whereas my inability to prevent myself from refocusing (which makes me unable to see some of those cool optical illusions that require unfocusing your eyes) perhaps helps me with this. Maybe it partly has to do with different concentrations of rods and cones, which we know affects color perception from person to person (including causing a sex difference in color perception).

I like the new colors. I never had any problem with the white on black; but this does seem a bit easier on the eyes.

I welcome the change ... keep experimenting though. Black background w/ light colors are actually bad for your eyes.

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