Russ Feingold: A Man of Honor

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I've said this before about him, but I'm incredibly impressed by Senator Russ Feingold from Wisconsin as a man of character. I strongly disagree with a number of his views, but he knows when a political manuever by his colleagues or those who support his views is just downright evil. He stood against the Borking attempt on John Ashcroft, with only one other Democrat voting alongside him. Now he's attacking those who demean Condi Rice with their racist language about her being an Aunt Jemima, calling them racially insensitive. This guy is not conservative in any way, and he admits that this kind of language is racist. Why is it that so many other liberals won't see how close to the bottom of the barrel this sort of thing is? Feingold has no political reason to say such things. I'm not sure I'd vote for him, but I'd be glad to shake his hand and tell him I appreciate what he's done in standing up for what's right.

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