Post Tenebras Lux -- The Carnival of the Reformation I

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Jollyblogger hosts the first Carnival of the Reformation (Post Tenebras Lux). This double name is going to get unwieldy, so I hope we settle on one or the other. Scripture and Worship is my contribution.

I don't have much to say about The Crusty Curmudgeon's look at what scripture says about itself, but it's worth reading. A Physicist's Perspective puts what he has to say into a series, including more on what scripture says about itself and a whole post on applying it. He also deals with the circularity objection (which I've dealt with along different but complementary lines here). The links to all the posts in the series are in the initial introductory post, so I've just linked to that.

Rebecca Writes gives a surprising argument that KJV-onlyism violates Sola Scriptura. I would never have thought about it in these terms, but she's right. It's one thing to have a view that is neither confirmed or contradicted by scripture that one gets elsewhere, e.g. that electrons and protons repel each other. It's quite another to build such a view into your statement of faith and then claim your statement of faith is based on the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible do we see the kinds of claims that are given in support of KJV-onlyism.

Wheat and Chaff argues that Postmodern Christianity is neither postmodern nor Christian. I think he's right that the two are irreconcilable, and those in this movement are trying to have it both ways. I don't think it's all-or-nothing, though. If it were, being neither of the two would mean not being on a cxontrinuum between the two, so I'd prefer to describe it as follows. To the extent that it's pomo, it's not Christian. To the extent that it's Christian, it's not pomo. (Keep in mind that we're not talking about people here but ideas. Ideas can be more or less Christian if they have some Christian elements.) I would say similar things about Viewpoint's post along the same lines.

Finally, in arguing that scripture along will give us joy (which he can't really mean, because God alone should bring us joy, but I'll let that slide), Jollyblogger provocatively suggests that the old standby distinction between joy and happiness should be blurred! I think he's right, but you'll have to read the post for his reasons.

The next Carnival of the Reformation will appear December 20. Submissions will be due Dec 16 at 6pm EST. Jollyblogger announces: As this is just in time for Christmas I am requesting submissions on the theme of Solus Christus - Christ alone. Please send in your submissions on this theme, and again, I am looking for posts which conform to the standard reformed confessions on the person and work of Christ. Theological treatises, exegetical work and applications of this theme are requested. I would also love to publish some testimonies of what Christ has done in your lives. Maybe Wink will give us his view on the atonement if he can argue that it conforms with standard reformed confessions. That ought to ruffle some feathers!


Thanks for the link (and for mentioning my post in the comments elsewhere).
I should point out, though, that you forgot to actually link to my post. (For anyone looking for the post, that was A Physicist's Perspective.

Maybe Wink will give us his view on the atonement if he can argue that it conforms with standard reformed confessions. That ought to ruffle some feathers!

If only I had the time...

David, sorry -- fixed.

Wink, you don't have anything already written for a class that you can post?

Ditto David's comment, except the link to my post is here.

This is what I get for hurrying to get something done before going to bed. Well, lack of sleep (with a newborn and a couple weeks of frenzied grading) is also taking its toll, so it could just as easily happen during the day.

Jeremy, I'd have to do some research to see if my position really conforms to standard reformed thought. Also, I'd have to see if my position is held by Calvin and/or Luthor. As far as I can tell off hand, the answer is "not exactly" to all of them. My position seems to pull more from the eastern orthodox tradtion than the reformed tradition.

So, all that to say that I don't have anything ready that would fit the requirements quite right.

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