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My brother just sent me a bunch of links that could prove interesting to you if you're not totally burned out from the election but actually want more. This electoral vote counter is less useful now that it's over, but you can consider alternative situations with it. This site that lets you know which states have laws about the way electors are required to vote (and there's a rumor going around that a Bush elector from WV will vote against the popular vote, and a Gore elector in DC cast a blank ballot in 2000 to protest lack of voting representation in Congress, so this sort of thing may become important if electors decide to rebel). Here is a more lengthy link to a site that describes the Constitution and relevant Amendments to it regarding elections in the U.S. Finally, there's a FAQ about the popular vote and electors here. I haven't looked at any of this stuff, but it's easier to click on them from my blog than from an email message, so I've put them in here before looking at them myself.

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