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Parableman is often obnoxious, similairly convinced in his own positions and righteously loud about it--and completely engrossing. I may not agree with many of his positions but this dear Christian brother can argue his point from philosophy and the

From The Bible Archive. I guess there was a space limit, and I'm assuming the next word was 'Bible'. Am I really often obnoxious? I'm not even sure how I could be loud without using all caps.

From Merriam-Webster:
Obnoxious: 1 archaic : exposed to something unpleasant or harmful -- used with to
2 archaic : deserving of censure
3 : odiously or disgustingly objectionable : highly offensive

loud: 1 a : marked by intensity or volume of sound b : producing a loud sound
3 : obtrusive or offensive in appearance or smell : OBNOXIOUS

If I'm giving off this impression, it's a real surprise to me. I see this site as a way to have reasoned discussion on issues, to provide balance and a mediating position between extremes, and to give due time to arguments and positions I disagree with. That doesn't mean I don't express the views I do become convinced of, and I'll give arguments for those positions. I just don't see the harshness that kind of language implies.

Update: Well, it's been revoked as one of his "cute (or so I thought) observations and reviews of the sites that I recommend". This post has been described as "a due thrashing"! Anyone else ready for the cat-of-nine-tails? Don't worry, Rey. I was more at a loss to try to figure out what I was doing that came across that way than I was mad at you for saying that.


I welcome the friendly banter. In families there is usually a little more criticism and back and forth than when meeting a stranger. I think we are a part of a family. We don't call names. We don't make threats. We don't sit around and wish someone would make a stand on something -- anything. Nahhh, shake it off. Come on over to my blog and tell me how I don't know anything about cats or Bible translation. Consider it an invite.

Brother it wasn't meant to be harsh at all and for that I apologize. I'll edit it this moment.

Parableman offers philosophical thought-flow balanced with strong convictions making something which is often completely engrossing. I may not agree with all of his positions but this dear Brother can deftly argue from philosophy and Scripture.

edited description above.

I think single mindedly devoted to revealing the truth, whatever it may be, is a more accurate description of his style. It can rub you the wrong way sometimes but only if you let it.

Keep up the great work!

Interestingly I heard a similar comment about you from a rather prominent senior philosopher after an invited talk. I don't think he called you obnoxious, but it was something along those lines. I didn't make much of it at the time. A fellow Syracuseian chimed in that your department was rather rigorous in tone at times. I think the fact that you make your point with a minimum amount of quibbling may give some this impression.

Wouldn't more quibbling be more likely to give this impression? I just don't get it.

Sorry, I was using quibble more colloquially. Let me say that I don't find you to be obnoxious. I think that a number of people see those of us who put forward strong arguments, stick to the points, and hold others to the words, are sometimes seen as obnoxious. I for one like philosophers who stake strong positions, who don't hide their arguments by saying they're simply suggesting, who use strong language (think PvI calling animals beasts), who push their points until the other person yields or offers a counterargument. When I say strong positions/arguments I mean it in two senses; one that the positions/arguments are defensible, and two that they may be highly objectionable. However, in some touchy feely circles the kinds of philosophers that I'm describing are thought to be obnoxious. We should keep in mind though that obnoxious is a relative term. So I wouldn't worry to much what some people think.

I've seen people that fit the obnoxious bill and I don't think you're one of them. And I've seen quite a few! You're mostly polite in your arguments and firm on your positions. :) However, I do get the impression that you rarely go beyond these positions to consider other positions. Just a thought, and said in a kindly manner.

That may be an optical illusion in some cases, MC. Much of what I write about I've been thinking about for years, and a lot of it is stuff that I've had to deal with opposing arguments on in classes, sometimes even at the graduate level. Maybe you're thinking about certain issues where that's not true, but on many issues there aren't any well-known views that I haven't considered, and I usually delight in taking on views and arguments that are new to me, sometimes altering my view and sometimes bolstering my argument. I know you mean well, but as a very strong Myers Briggs S-type, I tend not to be able to grasp wide open comments like that without seeing specific examples of when I've done that sort of thing, so maybe I'm just not following what you're getting at.

Hello Jeremy,

I don't mean any offense, I hope you'd forgive me if I did offend you. Anyway, it honestly doesn't really matter to me that much. I thought you wanted some feedback, so decided drop a comment. :)

No, it's not offense. It's just that I don't understand what exactly you're getting at.

I think "tenacious" is the word for you, and your dialogue here with MC is a perfect example. You see things through to the end, if the other person is willing to go there. I tend to get intellectually lazy (or emotionally/physically drained which impacts my intellect) and just drop the ball at some point. You don't do that.

...but I think it's cool that we're both linked on that site :)

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