Lying About Voting Values

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In Voting Moral Values, I talked about pundits' insistence that what people called "moral values" that guided their vote was just code for opposing gay marriage and how wrong that sort of statement is. It occurred to me this morning that a large portion of those "moral values" votes came from Catholics who have been traditionally Democrats but were won over to Bush because of abortion, stem cells, cloning, and perhaps also gay marriage (though if they were informed, they'd know that both candidates took the same stance on gay marriage and civil unions and just differed on whether it required amending the Constitution). It makes sense that those who normally don't vote or vote for other reasons might describe their motivation as "moral values". Democratic Catholics are a big part of this, and much of it has nothing to do with gay marriage. much less gay-hating. Just in case you don't believe me, check the numbers.

Well, Kos apparently realizes that but still wants to say Democrats should keep saying this sort of thing anyway. See Instapundit for more. It's not amazing that blogs like Kos have any readers (Little Geneva does, for instance), but somehow this jerk is right at the top. What does that reveal?

Meanwhile, President Bush said yesterday that he doesn't believe a president should try to impose religion on society. I believe that he really means that and doesn't see anything he's doing as doing that. I don't think anything he's done does that either.


Just a question,

If it weren't for his religious views, wouldn't Bush have pushed for more funding for research on embryonic stem cells? If it weren't for his religious views, don't you think that Bush wouldn't have called for a gay marriage amendment? I've not met many (any) non-religious folk who are bothered by gay marriage or opposed to embryonic stem cell research on moral grounds but maybe I'm missing some subtle point.

I'm not sure why there's always an assumption that opposition to abortion comes from religious views. I've never seen Bush mention any religious views when talking about abortion or stem cell research. He's clearly pro-life, and he has the usual philophical reasons for being pro-life. I don't know what you're getting at with that.

As for gay marriage, his argument i about runaway judges. My impression of Bush is that he doesn't care much about the gay marriage issue and would be happy to allow gay marriage himself but realizes most of America doesn't (including John Kerry, if you believe what he says). The arguments against gay marriage are usually based on a harm principle (i.e. that something about gay marriage will lead to harm) and a principle of respecting tradition (i.e. the institution of marriage as male-female), neither of which is religious in any way. I presume Kerry would have emphasized the latter. So either way I'm ust not sure what you're getting at unless you're assuming something I think is false.

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