Intelligence Tests: Bush vs. Kerry

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According to Steve Sailer (linked by Volokh), Bush's scores on his Air Force Officer Qualifying Test compare favorably with Kerry's scores when applying for Officer Candidate School. They're not the same test, but they have enough similarities for Sailer to conclude that Bush would have done better than Kerry if they had taken the same test at that time. This fits with what I've often said on this blog. Bush is not the moron so many morons think he is. He was probably lazy when he was in school, and I wouldn't call him an intellectual, which is more about preferences and perhaps developed skill sets than it is about innate abilities, but he's not dumb. I realize that these things test only one kind of intelligence, but one of the things Sailer points out is the irony of those who assume it's the only or most important kind of intelligence for things like this all the while dismissing such tests when it comes to policy issues.

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