Holy Observer Returns

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After a month or two off, the latest issue of The Holy Observer is up.

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I WANT one of those Christian Magic 8 balls!!!

Seriously -- I used to have one from CDW that had all kinds of Tech Support answers inside it. I think that a Christian 8 ball would be pretty easy to do -- and Holy Observer could donate the money, or use it to defray expenses, or whatever.

And I'm glad they're back -- I was going through withdrawl. Only problem is now all the people in the computer lab at Southern are staring at me, wondering why I'm laughing so hard.

THO doesn't exactly have money. From what I know about it (and I know the guy who does the bulk of the work for it, but I haven't discussed much of the behind-the-scenes stuff with him), it's a few friends from college in their mid-twenties now who do it in their spare time.

The guy confirms what Jeremy said.

Yeah, so does one of the other guys in his mid-twenties...we don't have much money.

But we WOULD, if people wanted to order T-Shirts with our name on them. Hint hint...

Thanks for laughing.

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