Family Pictures II

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We finally got the second set of pictures back from the first week of what the United States government counts as Sophia's life. It's amazing how different she already looks at three weeks. Newborns really do look like prunes for a while.

I can't quite figure out what Ethan's trying to do in the picture to the right. It doesn't look like the Vulcan salute, though we know Sophia is quite capable of that. She did it almost every time I saw her in the hospital. I haven't noticed it since then. Maybe her emotions are coming in. This picture is from after Sam and Sophia were home.

This picture is from a hospital visit after I went home. Ethan's excited, but I'm not quite sure he knew what she was. I'm not sure he does now, even. This picture of Isaiah is far better than any in the previous batch, and he's in his usual position on my lap. He doesn't like doing anything else if I'm around unless he's hungry.

To the right are some of the better pictures focusing on the boys. I believe Ethan's dressed up to go to church. I don't think he'd have his nice pants on just for school. This is probably the Sunday after Sophia was born. Isaiah's standing at the coffee table with one of his favorite animal books opened up. You can't see much of it in this picture, but one of the other pictures we got back showed the whole thing, and it's opened to his favorite page, the one with the huge horse taking up half a page. He particularly likes large books, and this one is huge.

The pictures below illutrate the boys' usual attitudes toward their little sister. Isaiah's actually a little more disgusted here than he usually is, but he doesn't care much about her. He has been known to push her away when the sacred space of Daddy's chest is being polluted by this interloper, but most of the time he just acts as if she's not there. He likes to climb on people, and he does that when she's there. He likes to try to have me hold him, and he doesn't care if she's there unless she's in the way. As long as he gets what he wants, she's not an issue.

Ethan, on the other hand, is facinated by her. He imitates her. He likes to say things about Baby Sophia, though we can't figure out what he's saying about her most of the time. If his usual speech is a guide, he' repeating phrases we've said about her or repeating sentances we've said about other people and inserting her name. He's taken to doing that sort of thing recently, which is a good step toward more compositional language skills. You can tell by the look on his face here how much he enjoys her. You might discover him walking around the house making whining or crying noises while smiling, and it's because he's imitating her.

Since the previous set of pictures I posted was somewhat Isaiah-deficient, it's nice that there are more of him here. On the left, we have him immediately upon arriving in the hospital room, setting off to do what he does best -- get into trouble. I think he was trying to figure out how the hospital beds worked or something. He spent a good deal of time looking underneath and around them.

On the right, Isaiah's almost in his usual position. For some reason he wasn't hugging me with his legs around my waist, but he's still insistent on sitting in my lap. I'm sure this was one of those times when he wouldn't let me walk anywhere. He hugs my legs when I try to stand up without picking him up, and he'll sometimes spend hours in that mood, even after I've been holding him most of that time. As you can see, I'm in blogging uniform and probably putting together the first set of pictures that I linked to in the last paragraph.


Congratulations, Pierces! You have a beautiful family.

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