Election Aftermath

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Now that the election's over, I'd like to say a few things. My predicted electoral alignment was very close. I thought Kerry would get Iowa by a hair but expected Bush to get Wisconsin by a similarly tiny margin. They turned out each to go the other guy but as close as I'd thought they'd be. I believe every other state went as I had expected. I thought Hawaii, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania would be closer than they were, and I almost thought Bush might win Maine's District 2, which has one electoral vote. I expected New Hampshire to be close but not anything like it was. I didn't expect Minnesota or Michigan to be as close as they were. For a while as the returns were coming in, I was thinking Bush might have a chance in both.

I was pleasantly surprised by some of the Senate races. I was sure Murkowski in AK and Coburn in OK were going to lose, and I suspected Martinez in FL might also. I worried about Burr in NC and Thune in SD but thought they had a better chance than the others. They all turned out to win. I was thinking Bunning would pull it off in KY, but I didn't expect him to win by that much given the polls after his telephoning in his performance of his debate complete with a teleprompter for his closing remarks. I guess Kentuckians went with principle over person.

I wasn't expecting such a landslide with the gay marriage referenda. It passed in every state attempting it, even the more liberal ones like Oregon. 11 states all at once making gay marriage illegal is a pretty strong statement. My prediction is that we're going to see a real fight over this, but it won't be in the federal legislative branch. The amendment was dead when it was first proposed, so I don't think that will go anywhere even with the stronger Republican majorities in the House and Senate. I do expect a number of court battles dealing with ambiguities in and conflicts between laws and constitutions in various states, federal laws such as the Defense of Marriage Act, and whatever it is that people think they see in the Constitution that's supposed to require allowing gay marriage. Some of these cases will go to the Supreme Court, probably after some Bush appointees are in, maybe not even until the next president has taken office, but this issue will get there eventually.

Now that the election is over I'll have to look harder to find things to blog about, but it also means I can watch the news for a longer period of time without getting fed up, which will actually provide more blogging fodder. I'm not really at a loss for things to blog about, but my long list is mostly composed of items I want to write long and careful posts about, and I try not to do more than a couple of those a week while also trying to write something every day, which means I need spur-of-the-moment posts.

I'm glad that I won't have to look through my referrals pages and find that half of my referrals have to do with Kerry's views on abortion, stem cells, or affirmative action. It may help people find what they're looking for on my site, and I suppose that's what I should expect for having a blog in the top 100 of the TTLM Ecosystem, because having that many links drives up my Google rating incredibly. I suppose it's also part of the point of writing stuff to have people read it. Also, I suppose it wasn't better when I didn't have a sitemeter on every page, which I didn't remedy until a couple weeks ago maybe, because then I missed most of my hits completely. Still, it annoys me that I have to read my sitemeter's referrals 3-4 times a day just to catch them all, when most of them are boring items like that.

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