Christian Carnival XLII

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I'm now a week behind on this, but events have conspired, and I've had less time to read these things than I would like. I am now done reading through last week's Christian Carnival, which returned for its 42nd edition to host #2, King of Fools. The first few Christian Carnivals rotated back and forth between Patriot Paradox and King of Fools before spreading on to other places, and the King does his best to add an interesting artwork theme despite the distraction of election-watching. I wouldn't have done any theme during that particular week, so I applaud his efforts. I lack the requisite skill to evaluate beyond a rudimentary level anything having to do with visual art, so I can't say much more than that it looks really nice.

My entry (also submitted to the first Carnival of the Reformation) was Scripture and Worship. Ideally I would have submitted an entry to each, but in a ridiculous grading week after getting a month behind in grading due to a new baby some things just have to take priority over writing additional blog posts for the sake of carnivals. I'm not the only one to double up, and I won't mention anything that I'd normally link to but already have.

IntolerantElle fisks Bill Maher on religion and Christianity, with some interesting results. A couple of his points are so insightful but just short of really getting it. One thing she says in response to the claim that too many Christians are hypocrites is worth quoting in full. People who are not Christian, and even some who are, don't seem to understand that people aren't sinners because they are Christian - they are Christian because they are sinners. You hear people say, "I'm not going to church, those Christians are a bunch of hypocrites and liars!" Yeh, pretty much. That�s why we get involved with fellow believers who can encourage us and guide us in the right direction. A church fellowship is like a hospital for the soul, but you don't hear people say, "I'm not going to the hospital! There are sick and injured people there!!" I think the same applies to those who consider themselves Christians but shun the "organized" church.

Pseudo-Polymath considers science and religion. Those within the intelligent design movement who attack evolution (which is not the entirety of the ID movement, I must point out) and those within science who attack Christianity are ironically committing the same blunder -- trying to claim that they have a theory that predicts something about the other and whose predictions turn out true, when the realitry is that they simply have a model that predicts nothing about the other view (which I must note is the case mostly because those models are entirely consistent with each other). Finally, the isue of evolution matters very little, practically speaking.

Another Man's Meat explains why, despite his agreement with most of the Republican party agenda, he will remain a Democrat, and it's on Christian grounds. There are some things that are too important that many Republicans have no ear for. The prophets repeatedly condemn such attitudes.

Back of the Envelope takes on The Economist's false claim that Bush's positions are derived from a small minority of Americans on the right, showing their lack of understanding of Christians who are conservative by their putting all people on the right who are Christians into the same camp and then claiming it's a tiny minority because the extremists are a tiny minority, yet all the position Bush has been willing to go to bat for are mainstream views.

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