Christian Carnival XLIII

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The 43rd Christian Carnival is at Digitus, Finger & Co. My post Christians and Blue Counties makes an appearance.

Sidesspot helps clarify a Christian position on some matters related to the war on terror. We're not and never were a Christian nation, but Christian values should shape our policies, which means loving and praying for our enemies, protecting the rights of enemy prisoners, and a strong presumption against violence, though all that is consistent with engaging in combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq. I agree.

Reasons Why reminds Bush supporters that Kerry could easily have won, and if he had it would have been because God had wanted him to, just as God wanted Clinton to win both times. "Bush won only because it was within God's will for it to happen. If Kerry had won, it would be for the same reason. Not because some dark and terrible force had managed to overcome God's agenda for America. We need to learn that what God allows, or even designs, does not always match up with our view of what would be best."

Admiral Quixote has an excellent response to several standard pro-choice arguments. These are issues I almost never cover when I deal with abortion in my ethics classes, so it was nice to be reminded that they often come up, and I think these responses are all quite good.

Given that Jesus spent time with sinners, what would he do with the issue of gay marriage? We have a start to an answer from promptings, though I didn't see anything about marriage. All I saw was good reason to think Jesus would spent a lot of time with gay people and that he would confront them with the central issues of their hearts (which may not at all be homosexuality, though it would eventually include that).

I've been enjoying a lot of what I've seen at Another Man's Meat lately. He's a Democrat from Kansas who voted for Bush, and his take on a Christian approach to politics could give some good balance to a lot of conservatives. This post analyzes the Christian-bashing in the election aftermath and concludes that Democrats should not increase their religious language to get votes, because voters will see through that. The ones who would be sincere in doing so (e.g. Joe Lieberman, Robert Byrd) already use religious language all the time. The others all look like fakes when they do so.


I'd like to take a minute to thank you for your kind words.

I'm pretty new at this blogging thing (late July of this year). I've found it very rewarding. My wife was wondering how I was going to fill my retirement time. She suggested blogging and it has hit the mark with me. I love being a part of the blogosphere.

I'm going to be setting up a link on my blog to yours this evening. The people I know are primarily conservative, evangelical, or neo-pentacostal. One of the things I'm working on now is a series on strategy for the church in the public arena, aimed primarily at my neo-pentecostal friends, but others as well. The big problem in our part of the body is the lack of Biblical literacy, which makes many prey for the political hucksters on either side of the spectrum. They appeal to emotion (we neo-pentecostals love that) and turn them fire eaters who neglect those parts of the gospel they've rarely been exposed to, the ones that especially demand action, the categorical imperatives of Jesus, for example.

I'm hoping to make people aware of the need to explore these facets of their faith. I know it won't bring them salvation, but if they explore them and practice them their communities and our nation will be better for it. I also know it's an uphill battle. But since I'm retired I've got plenty of time to dig in and go to work.

Again, thanks for your kind words.

Thanks for the kind words on the post. I think we get tied into too many knots when we worry about the US being a "Christian Nation." We've got enough to worry about as it is.

I like the recasting of your tagline at the top of your blog too. Very grammatical. ;-)

Mark S.

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