Christian Carnival XLIV

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The 44th Christian Carnival is at ChristWeb and has a record 47 posts. My Inerrancy and Truth is in it.

Mark Roberts submits his 18th post in his truly excellent (despite my disagreement with some of his datings of NT books) series on Jesus' divinity. This time he focuses on Jesus' application to himself of the title 'the Son' (as opposed to 'the Son of Man' and 'the Son of God').

Wallo World weighs in on the red/blue state divide, with some surprising conclusions. Blue-staters may have lost the election, but they've been winning the culture "war", for reasons most red-staters don't understand. Many red-staters have also confused their own cultural values with Christian values. In the end, the only response worth any intense effort is not political change, which will at best be a temporary stop-gap for external behavior, but changing people's hearts, and that only comes with the gospel.

Off the top points out that everyone who votes is voting based on values. She also points out how stupid public signs and stickers are except to win a popularity contest. I'm not convinced that there's value in advertising one�s opinion on certain things in a general public setting. To do so is to go into "popularity contest" mode, something that is unnecessary and perhaps even destructive.

In a post on the Kansas City Prophets (which I know little about and have little experience with anyone who knows much about), 21st Century Reformation makes an important point even for those not involved with the lunatics he's criticizing. Does something historic have to happen for me to be equipped or do I need simply to understand and believe in what the bible already says? I need only to understand, through the preaching of the word and through community, to learn to live the story that is my inheritance according to the finished work of Christ. The bible neither teaches that all the holiness and power was used up in the 1st century and now we should expect little help from God nor does it teach that I need to wait for some end-times super apostle to come with the goods. It is vital to realize that in the immediate present, we exist in a dispensation of instantaneous access to all we need for both Power and Holiness. The present that I live in is dispensationally speaking exactly the same as the Apostolic age and will remain the same dispensation until Christ returns. Amen.

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