Bush and Supposed Increases in Abortion

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The National Right to Life Committee takes on the claims of late that abortion has increased significantly during Bush's presidency. Some of the data is right, but some ignores important factors, including the fact that it went up early in Bush's term after having gone up at the end of Clinton's term and then went down later on. Sound familiar? That's interestingly related to the state of the economy, but it's the reverse of what pundits have been claiming against Bush, i.e. that Bush has ruined the economy and therefore increased abortion. If what this guy is saying is right (not that he says this about it), something that happened during the Clinton Administration led to an increase in abortions after it had been dropping, and it began to recover only a good way into Bush's first term, which makes it seem to me that the economy does have something to do with it, but Bush's policies have to have caused a decrease if these general trends are causal (which is a dangerous assumption, but I'm giving an argument based on the premises of my opponent). Thanks to Antioch Road for the link.

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