Best of Me Symphony LII

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The 52nd Best of Me Symphony is now up. For those who don't know, this is a blog carnival dedicated to highlighting the best posts of a blog over the course of its history, not allowing anything more recent than 60 days old. This edition has a Bill Cosby theme, and a few people actually submitted posts about Cosby. My Legitimacy in the Black Community argues that what Bill Cosby has been saying has been said many times before, and if it's true when Cosby says it then those who have ignored it because of who was saying it have been morally negligent.

Mike at ETalkingHead complains about the media attempts to portray Cosby's words as a tirade rather than a call to do what's best for black Americans, and he then points out that these words apply to all sorts of people, not just blacks.

La Shawn Barber shows up as well with The Hard Sayings of Bill Cosby, contrasting Cosby's statements with those of Jesse Jackson at an event at which both of them spoke.


Thanks for the link, Jeremy. I like the new look. I hope your family, especially that precious new baby girl, are doing well. :)

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