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I've added an About Me section in my sidebar. I'm not sure exactly what I should put in it. If you know of any posts from the past of this blog that should go there, let me know. I'm thinking of a few that I don't want to bother finding right now, so it won't stay as it is, but there may be things I've posted that would go well there that I might not remember.


You may want to revise the colour scheme. White on black is a pain to read.

People keep telling me that, and even though it defies common sense 4I was going to cater to those whose visual system is just so different from mine and that of many people I know. I'm not willing to tinker around with detailed settings that have drastic effects and would rather have someone more experienced at that sort of thing do it. My one volunteer got too busy and didn't get around to it this summer when he thought he might be able to do it, so it hasn't happened yet.

There is a free version of a program called TopStyle by Bradbury that would make editing the stylesheet fairly easy. Basically it is a visual CSS editor. Let me know if you need help.

Actually, that sounds great. Is this something I could use on my own and then save the finished product to the server, or would you need to install the software on the server?

The TopStyle software installs on your pc. You can copy the stylesheet and paste it into the program. Then when you are done editing the file just paste it back vie the MT template editor.

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