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Here's another set of posts I would put in my Favorite Posts list if I had unlimited room, but to try to keep it shorter I'm collecting some of my favorite posts by topic in other posts and linking to them with just one link. That also allows me to say a little more about them. So here are some of my favorite posts from the 2004 elections.

I considered including my live-bloggings of debates, but I really don't think those count as my best stuff from the election. My more thought-out stuff is what I really would like here, so there's a lot less of it. More general political posts aren't appearing here, just posts directly related to the election and the candidates.

Update (11-26-04): Somehow I forgot most of the month of October, so I've added a few more.
Update 2 (11-27-04): I've added more from earlier in the blog.

Why I Support President Bush gives my February reasons why at the time, one of his lowest points popularity-wise, I still supported the president.

Better of Two Lizards and the Constitution Party argues against those who think Bush's more moderate views than some conservatives like means it's worth voting for the Constitution Party candidate. Most of my effort here is aimed at showing how extreme the Constitution Party is. I later declared that a vote for Kerry would be better, and though that doesn't appear here the arguments for it do.

Bush's National Urban League Speech looks at why I think Bush genuinely does care about black Americans and says a little about why I think he's the better of the two candidates on race issues and maybe the best president we've ever had when it comes to race.

John Kerry's Nuance and Philosophical Acumen responds to the criticism of President Bush that Senator Kerry is better at what philosophers are particularly good at and that that would make him a better president. Kerry and Philosophy, Part II continues the discussion after much commenting.

My response to the first presidential debate was just so different from everyone else's (and I still stand by my sense that Bush won on what was important) that I had to include it.

Bush-Edwards turns out to be less important in hindsight, but I put a lot of work into it, mostly in calculating what would likely happen if each state delegation in Congress had to pick candidates in the event of an electoral college tie, so I wanted to include it here. It argues for the possibility of Bush winning in the House and Edwards winning in the Senate. That was before we knew that the Senate would shift even more in the Republican direction, which was a foregone conclusion in 2003 but was much in question throughout 2004 even until the night of the election.

Why I'm Voting for Bush presents my main line of reasoning at the time of the election for my vote for the president.

Another one that took a lot of busy work that has to do with hypothetics is Electoral Vote Colorado-Style, which looks at what would have happened if every state had something like the failed Colorado proposal to split the electoral vote proportionally based on the percentage of the state's popular vote. Hint: Bush would still have one, but it would have been a closer electoral vote.

Christians and Blue Counties looks at the state and county maps from the election aftermath and all the claims about culture clashes, Jesusland, theocratic takeovers and all that, eventually concluding the evangelicals shouldn't isolate themselves in red areas but should actively pursue moving to blue areas to interact with culturally blue people, many of whom don't even know any genuine believers.

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