Philosophers' Carnival IV

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The fourth Philosophers' Carnival is at Doing Things With Words. It's got three posts from blogs I'm associated with. For Parableman, we have my post on how poor the Oxford English Dictionary definition of 'racism' is. OrangePhilosophy is represented by Ben Bradley's argument that the death of a baby is comparatively worse intrinsically than the death of a young adult, other things being equal. Prosblogion makes an appearance with Ted Poston's response to the problem of divine silence that belief in God doesn't need to involve a strong belief in any particular statements about God, which led to the interesting suggestion that any relational connection with God can in fact count as knowledge of God. Blogger has been acting up all day, so if a post doesn't work try it again later. Sometimes hitting reload or enter is all it takes. Sometimes that won't do it.

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