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In Some Prayer List Hints, 21st Century Reformation presents some lessons for our prayers from Paul's prayers in his epistles. Paul's prayers are rich with theology and doctrine, but they also reveal his heart for God and for those he's praying for. A number of years ago I read D.A. Carson's A Call for Spiritual Reformation, which gives a detailed study of each of Paul's prayers (in the epistles, anyway), and I think it's the best book on prayer I've ever read. So check out 21st Century Reformation's post, and if you'd like more on this get Carson's book and read it for the rich treatement of Paul's heart and mind as revealed in his prayers, for help in absorbing this perspective of Paul as shown in his prayers, and for praying in accord with what the apostle valued. One of Sam's friends borrowed my copy a few years ago, and I really miss having it to refer to.


"Who wants to sing?"

Thanks for the props Jeremy. I will look forward to reciprocating the love.


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