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Since this is post 750, I have virtually no time this week, and lots of posts recently have been comment-heavy, I decided to do a little site statistics for post 750. I'm ranking the most popular posts so far in terms of comments. I had thought I might also revise my top 15 posts or do a top 25 or something, but I'll save that for another time.

I was originally going to do the top 15, and then I saw that the first time I did this I had started with those having 13 comments or more, so I decided to see how many it would be if I started there this time. It turned out to be 29 (but if you don't count Wink's posts it's a nice 25). For comparison's sake, I left them all in. When there's a tie, older posts are listed first.



God, our Father we call forth Your power to ignite this world for peace and to bring about Your love. We send forth Your protection upon our country and upon our leadership that You have led. We call forth the victory of George Bush as President and that all that is of the darkness will be brought into the light. As we stand united in spirit and love we agree that You will bring this to pass and those who come against Your will are defeated. And it is so.

I actually considered deleting this. Since it's not about what the post is about, it's technically spam. I decided instead to make a point out of it. Isn't it a bit presumptuous to be so confident of God's will that you know he wants Bush reelected? I happen to think that if Bush loses it will be worse for the country in the ways I consider more important, and you might think that would be enough to think it's ok to assume God has the same priorities, but it's not. God may well have planned for things to go differently than they would with Bush, and even if you think a Kerry presidency would be worse in every single possible way, which is extremely unlikely, you need to remember that a victory for the worse candidate in any election (whoever that may be) may well be God's judgment on a wayward nation. Any prayer that ignores that seems to me to be unbiblical. You can pray for Bush's reelection while being aware of all those things, but your prayer didn't sound as if you have even considered those important points.

I agree with you that it's somewhat presumptuous. I prefer to pray that God do what is best for the country, etc. I think it's best Bush wins, but it could concievably be better for the country if Kerry wins -- EVEN if Kerry would be a worse president (for example, if the terrorist situation gets worse, and God uses that to begin to bring many Americans to recognize their sin and turn to Jesus Christ for salvation).
Had a post on my blog today on God's sovereignty which relates to that.
Hope I didn't hijack your comment thread. Feel free to delete this if you don't want it going off track.

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