It's a Girl!

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Sophia Alexandria Pierce was born at 2:27 pm EST today, weighing in at 6 lbs. 14 oz. Labor began at 11:30 pm last night, and we were at the hospital before 2am. I got very little sleep last night, of course, but I'm home now with the boys for the night. Sam and Sophia are doing fine and will come home tomorrow. Ethan and Isaiah got to see her for a few minutes today and were thoroughly uninterested.

Update (1 pm Friday): She's got a pediatric heart murmur, which seems to have something to do with connecting the lungs and heart in utero, which usually disappears in the transition to the new environment but hasn't done so yet, so they're holding on to her for another day. I'll have to find out more about this, but my impression is that this happens all the time. My intitial search turned up a bunch of medical search engines that didn't say anything about what I was searching for, and I didn't have time before class today to do anything more.

Update 2: This seems to be what Sam was talking about. "It is estimated that at least 85 percent of babies will have a murmur during the first 24 hours after birth. This is caused by the normal closure of a blood vessel and usually goes away within 48 hours." This site calls it a "normal (innocent) heart murmur".

Update 3: I've got pictures up now.

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How wonderful! Congratulations.

Congratulations and God's blessings upon her.

Congratulations to all of you!

God be praised! Congratulations!


Congratulations. One more battery pack for "The Matrix". Have you figured out if she is "The One"? :-)

Wonderful news! My best to all of you.

Wonderful news, Jeremy! And I didn't even have to sub for you! Hope me and Irem get to see her soon. Let us know if you need anything.

Another of those seminal moments in life. Congratulations and I am glad everything went well.

My brother and I were in a similar situation when our sister arrived. A GIRL! we thought, then got bored, just like your sons. The biggest problem was the sense of losing our specialness that developed after the "babies get special attention" wore off since because she was a girl she got everything--her own room, more attention, etc. It will be interesting.

Grace and peace.

William, I don't think they even got that far. They took one look at her, saw that she wasn't moving, and assumed she was a stuffed animal.

Wow! Congratulations to you and your family!

Big congralulations and I can't wait to see her!! The boys most likely don't realize that this baby will be coming home to stay! I remember my oldest asking when we were going to bring the baby back to the hospital after her new baby brother had been home a few days!

It's a girl!

Congratulations! Are we gonna see some pictures of her on the site?

I hope so. We have a great digital camera that doesn't seem to connect to our computers anymore, so we have to do it the old-fashioned way. We couldn't find our snail camera, so we got some disposables. One is now full, so when we get it developed we'll get them on CD too. At that point I can put some stuff up. Since the most recent pictures of the boys are something like a year ago, I'll try to find post one with all three of them if any of those came out ok.

Congrats Jeremy and Sam!

Sophia is a beautiful name and I'm sure that she'll be a wonderful blessing to your family.

Add me to the growing list of those who are happy for you and Sam and the rest of your family. Congrats - I'll look forward to the pics.

Rejoicing with you!

a new life, it's a beautiful baby girl

What a coincidence, my own daughter born in August of this year (2004)is also called Sophia Alexandria and was also 6lb14oz. Congratulations to you.

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