Happy Hallowe...err...Harvest Festival!

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Some churches, ours for example, disapprove of Halloween. Presumably because of its pagan roots. So, they offer "Harvest Festivals" on Halloween as an alternative, where kids can come, have costumed fun, and leave with candy.

So let me get this straight. The church opposes Halloween. So it offers an alternative on the same night where the kids do the same things. They've just changed the name and that's enough? If everyone across the country agreed to call Oct 31st "Harvest Festival" instead "Halloween", would that be enough to keep the people in my church from telling me that it is an evil and pagan holiday?

'Cause if a name change is all it takes to take the pagan out of a pagan festival, then I'm all for it.

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While the secular world today celebrates a holiday founded in the fear of death, tomorrow marks a day (All Saints Day) that Christians can honor in remembering those who did not fear death to point of giving their lives for Christ. The following is a ... Read More


What's really funny is that this is how Halloween came into existence to begin with. There was a pagan holiday of sorts. Most of what gets passed around about it is false. It had nothing to do with Satan worship, making human sacrifices, or anything like that, but it was a pagan harvest festival. Christians decided they didn't want people celebrating it anymore, so they decided to have a holy day correspond to the same time and have the co-opt some of the innocent aspects of the pagan festival without any of the pagan connotations.

In other words, it was an attempt to reclaim the time for Christ, since Satan owns no time anyway and no day is more or less holy than any other (and thus no day more or less evil). Now churches are doing these harvest festivals for the same purposes, to reclaim Halloween, which is a reclaimed pagan holiday, by keeping the traditions they believe innocent and leaving out the ones they associate with paganism. The fact of the matter is that the rituals they're leaving out are some of the ones that the earlier version of the same attempt considered innocent and not pagan at all once robbed of the pagan content.

I'll celebrate the Christainized (or re-Christianized) Halloween when I celebrate the Christianized Ramadan. Until then, I'll just spread my candy eating out over the year.

My wife and I were just talking about this tonight. What I don't like is that it separates Christians from the communities that they live in. While everyone else is out enjoying the evening, there are houses which are dark because churches are having these 'Harvest' parties.

To me, this promotes an unnecessary separatism over an issue which, for most people, has no connection to it's original origins.

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