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Jared at Thinklings points out that John Kerry's increasingly common statements that Bush and Republicans are trying to scare Americans are themselves attempts to try to scare Americans (often completely unfounded, as it happens, such as with his claims that Bush wants to reinstate the draft and has inititated efforts to stop legally registered minority citizens from voting).

I'm not as sure as Jared that Republicans haven't used any scare tactics, but Kerry has no right to complain about scare tactics, when most of his recent rhetoric has been exactly what he's condemning Bush for doing. I would say it sounds like a certain Alanis Morissette song, except hardly anything in that song really is ironic except the name. What's worse is that this comes out of another exegetical foible, one that arguably borders on blasphemy, since he seems to be putting himself in the position in his political version that the Holy Spirit occupies in what Jesus says -- the one to hope for so that your fears won't be realized.

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