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As it turns out, this is my 725th post. Here are some pictures from the hospital. All pictures of me and most of Isaiah looked awful, so I picked the best of everyone else and the one decent one of him. First is Sam and Sophia last night, the night after the delivery. You can't see Sophia as well in this one, but the first priority is always to show off Mommy and baby together. Next is one of the best of the early pictures of Sophia. As you can see, she likes to try to put her hand in her mouth, but most of the time she just gets blanket. She did enjoy the small store-bought pacifier once she got it in all the way, but then she fell asleep and it fell out. To the right is another one that I believe was taken the next day (yesterday).

Here's Ethan with his ducky and Alfred from LarryBoy, the Veggie Tales spoof of Batman. If you look closely you can see the remains of the tail Sam sewed onto the duck for him to play with, since he had the original tag he used to play with cut off by his mean Auntie Tiffany. Ducky usually goes everywhere with him, but he isn't allowed to have it during school. To the right, you can see him staring, captivated by his new little sister. I think she freaks him out a little bit, but he's very interested, whereas he wasn't at all when he first met her. Isaiah still can't bothered by her. He'd rather knock all the books off the shelves now that Mommy's home to get mad about it. While she was in the hospital, he just wanted to put playing cards back in their box one at a time for 45-minute stretches.

Here are three more taken the night after the delivery. I look pretty terrible in the one I'm in, but Sam thinks it's not that bad. I guess some of the others were much worse. I wanted a picture with all of us, though, and this is the best one with Isaiah. He's only in a few, and most of them don't show his whole face or display really unfavorable looks on his face. He didn't really want anything last night except to fall asleep in my arms. In the other picture with all of us, my head was already cut off. I didn't even have to modify that one.

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Sophia Alexandria Pierce was born on Thursday, October 14. 6 lbs. 14 oz., with lots of hair. She is the third child and first daughter of Samantha Pierce (our TCB mate) and her husband Jeremy Pierce. Congratulations! Read More

New Junior Blogger from Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog on October 18, 2004 2:58 AM

Samantha of Uncle Sam's Cabin and Jeremy of Read More


Belated congrats from me too. We just had our first almost four weeks ago, so I'm into the whole new baby thing up to my eyebrows.

Congrats! I am jealous (but in a good way!) of your wife right now. Those first few weeks with a newborn are so precious. They are so tiny, their breath is so sweet, and it's okay then for the mom to just lie in bed and hold the baby and nurse and rest and look!

Congrats to you!

Congrats! Enjoy every moment. They grow up too fast too soon!

Congratulations! You have a beautiful family! God bless you all!

great job, daddy! looks like you're holding the fort up well...

Congrats to you and Samantha on your new addition to the Pierce family. The photos are so cute!

Sam!!!! Jeremy!!! I'm so happy for you guys! Wow...three kids! Finally a girl! Sam--- I promise to call soon and update you on whats going on! Luv ya! And Congrats again!

Yay. Enjoy her as an infant. They get big too fast. So cute. Luv, Leah

Congrats. Daddy's got his very own Princess now :)

I don't see an awful pix in the whole bunch. What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!

Hey Jeremy~!! Sophia is so adorable! Just like the other two. ^^ Give them (and Sam) my hugs and kisses~ Mwah~Hey Jeremy~!! Sophia is so adorable! Just like the other two. ^^ Give them (and Sam) my hugs and kisses~ Mwah~

thats so cute can't wait to see Sophia.

awwwwww.....precious, precious are the little ones!!!! All my love to you.'s not so look like a proud, yet tired daddy!
Congrats, loads of blessings and love to my beloved friends sam and jeremy! I've got to see all of you soon!

Whoooohooooo! Great and wonderful glory of bringing forth life. Godspeed on your family.

Dear Jeremy and Sam,and Ethan and Isaiah too,
Congratulations to you all on such a blessed event, the addition of a sister for the boys, and a princess for mom and dad to cherish and nurture. We are all so very happy for you...but the other comments are too true, this time goes by all too quickly and before you know it, they are grown and gone off into the world to live their own lives and you are left wondering "where did the time go??" You don't have to be an Einstein to understand and appreciate the theory of relativity, you simply have to be a mom or dad whose chicks have all left the nest...sigh!!! We celebrate this joyous event with you, and cannot wait until Sophia is big enough to travel to Grandma's in NH, so we can come over and meet her, and visit with all of you too. Hugs to all of you,
Uncle Harry and Aunt Debi

Whattya Doin? Jeremy. congratulations on your third, bro! I am so encouraged by your family and the work you are doing up there at SU. I can't believe you have three kids already! I pray for a speedy recovery for Sam and for your adjustment go smoothly. I hope to see all of you around Thanksgiving. ... and never forget about the Well Manicured Man. :-)


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