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Here's what everyone has been waiting for, the extremely valuable and coveted Wink endorsement for President: Kerry.

This should surprise pretty much no one who knows me. I don't particularly like Kerry. But I simply do not like Bush far more. I could just not vote. Or I could vote for a third party. But in a race like this one, that is just like not voting. But I don't think that Kerry is so bad that I can't vote for him. Where as Bush...well, I pretty much can't vote for him.

In general, I feel that Bush is out of his depth. I think that he was able to govern Texas just fine. But running the most powerful country on the planet takes leadership at a whole different level. Bush has not proved himself capable at that level.

My next few posts will be my reasons why I can't vote for Bush. Note that I am not saying that Kerry is better on all of these issues (though I do think that he is better on most of these issues), so comments saying "But Kerry is just as bad" are beside the point. These are the reasons why I am not voting for Bush.

[Note: I'll add links here as I write the posts.]
Why I'm not voting for Bush: The War in Iraq
Why I'm not voting for Bush: The War on Terror
Why I'm not voting for Bush: Taxes and Fiscal Responsibility
Why I'm not voting for Bush: Diplomacy
Why I'm not voting for Bush: Education (and Unemployment)
Why I'm not voting for Bush: End of Series

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