Another Homosexuality Followup

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I just found a followup to the homosexuality discussion from two weeks ago. It's on a blog called Chapter and Verse, and it seems to be from someone who left the homosexual lifestyle and considers himself ex-gay. He compares his treatment by gay people as what black conservatives receive from their community those who see them as traitors. One thing he mentions is that he thinks many Christians don't understand homosexuality. He doesn't quite put it this way, but I think he's also saying many gay people don't understand Christians. I think both are quite true.

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When I was a younger man, a good friend and sister in Christ asked me to help encourage her brother and introduce him to church. I went along to become his friend. This man was going to... Read More

christian jottings from Chapter and Verse on October 5, 2004 4:01 AM

but, I think it expresses the conflict within me regarding homosexual issues--wanting to step out and help vs. wanting to crawl in a hole and keep out of sight. Yes, I am an ex-gay...even though I don't like that term, it's the best out there right n... Read More

An ex-gay speaks from Philosophical Poetry on October 6, 2004 1:52 AM

An amazing post written by a man who has come out of the gay lifestyle. He talks about a great variety of issues, like why Christians perceive gays the way they do, how the homosexual community treats people who have left it, and about his personal jo... Read More


I just posted a rant on this issue, something that has troubled me for quite a while. One thing I am still trying to sort out is why I think the way I do. I believe it has something to do with my younger days in Christ, when I took his Word at face value and embraced its message unquestioningly, even though people around me who taught me the Word may not have practiced what they taught. Here is the link to the post (I also created a Trackback to your post)

Hi...tx for the link. Yes, I am an ex-gay. I never "came out" as a gay man, and so far I haven't come out into the public eye as an ex-gay man. But there are many of us out there, flying under the radar. God Bless You. Rocky

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